Life on Boat on Yacht Charters


Life on Boat on Yacht Charters

What is the purpose of going on a yacht tour? Of course, the main goal is to have a wonderful time with friends in naturally beautiful places... However, in order to have the most beautiful days, there are a few important points to know about daily life.
In order to realize your dream holiday, it will be very useful to know a few main safety rules. The safety of our guests and crew always comes first.

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Life Jackets

Personal Life Jackets are designed to keep your head above the sea and in a position that allows you to breathe properly while you are in the water.
Life jackets are placed under the beds in all cabins and / or in general areas. It is located in the seating area. You can get help from the gulet crew regarding the issue.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers on our yacht It is approved by the Coast Guard.

Fire Blankets

Fire blankets on the Gulet comply with the rules of the Ship Fire Safety Regulation. It is suitable.

The Requirement for the Boat to Be Massive

Beyond simple comfort, one of the main safety rules is to ensure that everything is properly packed and secured before the boat departs, both in the cabins and in the public areas. We hope that all our guests will understand the necessity of this rule and comply with it. Because there is a possibility that your belongings that are not kept regularly and without security measures may fly away. In addition to security measures, we aim to provide you with a smooth boat. Because the gulet will be your home for a while, and it is also someone else's private property. Therefore, we expect you to be polite.

Shoes Are Prohibited on the Boat

Your normal shoes that you wear on the street are definitely not accepted in the boat. It is also a rule on the yacht to walk barefoot on areas with wooden floors. Soft-soled shoes may be used for walking around (not inside) the deck.

Toilet on Boat

A yacht toilet has a complex and delicate structure and can become clogged very easily. For this reason, we kindly ask you not to throw toilet paper or any other sanitary products into the toilet bowls, but to use the trash cans in the toilets. To avoid bad odor after using the toilet, pull the flush pump until you are sure that the waste is gone. Another way to reduce bad odors is for men to use the toilet sitting down. We ask you to follow these rules for a nice holiday.


Water is strictly limited on the gulet. Therefore, we ask you to keep your showers short and not to waste water while brushing your teeth.


Electricity on yachts is usually 12 and 24 volts. Generators are used for cooling the cabinets and air conditioners. The generator is turned on at certain times for the use of your electrical appliances.

Respect for Passengers, Crew and Others in the Water

Living on a boat is not much different from living at home, depending on the sound of the music we turn on, the sound of the music used. Being respectful of the amount of water, staff service hours, meal times, nature, being cautious and cautious, entering the sea by paying attention to the fact that the boat is in motion.


Sea Motion sickness is a condition we frequently encounter. You can take seasickness pills with you. We have pills to prevent seasickness on our yachts.


For your own safety and that of the yacht, we recommend that you do not smoke in closed areas and cabins.

Enjoyment and Entertainment

The most important part of a blue voyage is, of course, enjoying your holiday and having fun. As long as the daily life rules are followed, you can be sure that you will have a problem-free holiday. Have a nice holiday

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