Last Update Date: 2024-01-01

1. About Cookie Policy

This cookie policy provides information about the cookies we collect and use through the V-Go Yachting website. This policy explains what cookies are, how they are used, how they can be controlled and how you can manage your cookie preferences.

2. What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files saved on your device by the browser when a website is visited. These files contain information to make the website work more effectively and often remember information such as the user's preferences.

3. Cookies Used

V-Go Yachting website may use the following types of cookies:

Mandatory Cookies: Used to ensure the basic functionality of the website.

>Functional Cookies: Used to remember user preferences.
Analysis Cookies: Used to analyze and improve the use of the website.

4 . How Can You Control Cookies?

You can control cookies using your browser settings and accept or reject the cookies you want. However, rejecting some cookies may result in you not being able to use certain functions of the website.

5. Cookie Policy Updates

This cookie policy may be subject to changes. An updated version is always available on our website.

6. Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the cookie policy, please feel free to contact us:

V-Go Yachting
Iskele Square, Dedeoğlu Otelaltı, No: 1 , Pk 48300, Fethiye, Muğla, TURKEY
+90 252 6122113

This cookie policy text is based on V-Go Yachting  It has been prepared to provide information to website users about cookies. Cookie usage and policy details are regulated in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

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