Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

1. All holidays on this website are sold subject to the following conditions.

2. The person whose name is on the contract will be considered by us as the group leader and is therefore the person who has accepted the following terms and conditions for himself and all persons on the reservation list.

3. The current version of all prices is published on the website. The information published here is the latest updated version. Without any compensation or refund obligation; We reserve the right to change the services, tours, prices or tour vehicles published on the site.

4. The reservation is only finalized when V-GO Yachting receives the entire tour price or a 30% deposit.

5. Customers who wish to cancel their cabin tour reservation, even if it is for health or family reasons, must accept the following fees:
For yacht tours, if notice is given 90 days or more in advance: V-GO will accept your cancellation and the person We will refund all your money except the administrative fee of €50 per head plus hotel and trip cancellation fees.
For yacht tours, if 60 days or more notice is given: No refund will be made under any circumstances.
For cabin tours, if 45 days or more notice is given: V-GO will accept your cancellation and refund all your money except the administrative fee of €25 per person plus hotel and travel cancellation fees.
For cabin tours, if 30-25 days' notice is given: 50% refund.
25 days for cabin tours. or if notified thereafter: No refund will be given under any circumstances.

6. Unless expressly stated in advance, prices do not include insurance for any of our customers. Therefore, our customers are advised to take out their own insurance for situations such as health insurance (illness & accident), loss/stolen luggage, theft, cancellations, etc. If the mentioned situations occur during the tour, we will not be under any obligation to incur any expenses. We will not be under any responsibility to pay some or all of the money.

7. V-GO's and/or its agencies' responsibilities are limited. V-GO; any delay or change in the program, breakdown of equipment or machinery, strike, robbery, loss/theft of luggage, any damage incurred during hotel/gulet accommodation, food, baggage handling, war or terrorist events (threat/actual), weather conditions or cannot be held responsible under any circumstances for any related matter. Such losses or expenses must be accepted by the customer.

8. V-GO Yachting and Travel Agency; reserves the right to make changes to any part of the excursions, hotel stays or the like at any time. The prices stated may be changed due to increases in fuel prices or prices of similar products. In such a case, our passengers must also pay the extra price.

9. In case the gulet breaks down, V-GO and/or its agencies are obliged to repair the gulet or replace it with a healthy one within 24 hours. In such a case, no refund will be given.

10. V-GO Yachting and Travel Agency reserves the right to reject the applications of the applicants if it deems them unsuitable, and to cancel the reservation if there are people who it deems not compatible with our other passengers during the tour. In such a case, no refund will be given.

11. In case of any dissatisfaction among our passengers, we recommend that our guests immediately convey their complaints to the V-GO headquarters in Fethiye while the tour is still ongoing. Thus, our authorities will be able to get an immediate solution to the problem. Complaints made later will not be accepted.

12. Responsibility of the agency: It is your agency's responsibility to inform V-GO Yachting and Travel Agency about any of your special requests and to inform you of any changes notified by V-GO.

13. If our passenger cannot join the tour for any reason, joins late or leaves early, no refund will be made.

14. In our opinion, the information declared on this website is correct. However, no liability is accepted for any errors that may occur.

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