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How to have a hassle-free holiday

A unique sea holiday awaits you. With over 23 years of industry experience, V-Go Yachting continues its work as a new platform that unites yacht owners and holidaymakers since 2024. We now offer you our own boats and the yachts and gulets we have procured from other agencies to meet the intense demands we have received from our valued customers for years, through our ditijal platform. Our field teams visit all the yachts that yacht owners have added to the system, take their photos and check the accuracy of the advertisement.

How to Become a Member - Make a Reservation

1. Click "Sign In" in the top menu. Click on the link.
2. If you are not a member, click on "Name", "Surname", "E-mail", "Phone", "Password", "Repeat Password" on the page that opens. fill in the fields, read the terms, accept and click "Save". Click the button. Complete the birth process sent to your specified e-mail address.
3. After logging in to the system, go to the link with your name in the top bar and click "My Profile". Select the page.
4. On the page that opens, add your photo in the left section and fill in the information in the right section and save.
5. Your membership process is complete. Now you can start looking for a yacht for your holiday.

6. Examine the details of the ads that meet the search criteria, or if you wish, ask questions to the ad owner via the chat panel on the right.
7. Did you find the yacht you were looking for? Select the rental start and end dates, mark the number of people you will be there and create your reservation request. Your reservation will be confirmed by the advertiser within a maximum of 24 hours.

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Hassle-free Process - Enjoyable Holiday

Yacht vacation is an extraordinary experience. It has nothing to do with hotel or resort holidays. The priority during a yacht holiday is to learn about the sea, see the magnificent beauties of nature from the sea, and have a hygienic holiday away from the crowds and noise on land. Although the comfort during yacht holidays is not as much as that of resorts, it guarantees unique beauties that a resort or hotel cannot offer you. Dinner in a different bay every night, the chance to say good morning to a different sea every morning, and extraordinary views passing by during the day will make your holiday unique. 

For a problem-free yacht holiday, you can be sure that the capacity and features of the yacht you choose will meet your needs. You must be. You can meet with the yacht owner after booking to get more detailed information about the yacht and find out what you need to bring with you.

As V-Go Yachting, we work and provide services only on yacht holidays, from captain to guide, in the sector for more than 40 years. We are here to help you plan your holiday with our team. We are with you whenever you need, before rental, during and after reservation, during your holiday.

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