Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Soft bags are easier to store in your cabin than hard suitcases! You may also like to bring a light day pack for optional excursions ashore. Swimming suits (it is a good idea to bring at least two as you spend most of the day in your swimming suits), T-shirts, shorts, some warmer clothes as well, especially for the cool spring and autumn nights; Mosquito repellent, plenty of efficient sun lotion (the mix of sea breeze, salt and sun is most ideal for a great tan!), good sunglasses, a hat and some aloe Vera gel or something similar to soothe any sunburns; If snorkelling is one of your favourite pastimes, we suggest you pack your own set of gear, then you won't need to adjust the mask size every time you wish to explore the depths; A sleeping bag if you are planning to sleep on deck, under the stars! (for the cooler spring/autumn months); One final word of advice: normal street shoes are definitely not acceptable on board a yacht... walking barefoot is the rule on board! However, soft-soled shoes for getting around only on deck are acceptable.
• Basic toiletries - shampoo, tooth paste, soap etc. • Sun lotions... lots of it. If you are the light-skin type, get SPF 25 or higher. • A second pair of prescription glasses/contact lenses if you use those. • Any specific prescription drug you may need. • Antihistamine and/or cold/flu medicine. • Aspirin or equivalent. • Antibiotic /cortisone crème. • Sun burn medications.(Aloe Vera gel works wonders) • Insect repellent. • Large band aids and elastic wrap. • Tweezers, nail clippers, a needle (for splinters)
June and September are generally hot enough to get a nice tan without the harsh summer temperatures. For those who wish to swim at any time of day and night and for those who are out and out sun worshippers, we suggest July and August. May and October expose the serene beauty of nature and this is perhaps the best time as the coves and beaches are not crowded. It occasionally rains during these months, but the rain is limited to a few hours maximum. The sun at this time of year can still provide a nice top up of vitamin D!.
Provided they are accompanied by adults, children of any age are welcome to come along and will positively thrive in the warm waters of the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean.
Unfortunately, air conditioning noise interrupts the peaceful surroundings whilst visiting these natural areas. July and August are very hot in Turkey and during these months you might consider air conditioning. Alternatively you may sleep on deck (under the stars!), like many do if the weather is very hot.
It is customary to tip the crew at the end of your cruise. How much is left to the discretion of the passenger, but 3-5% of the charter fee is usual in Turkey. The tip is normally given to the captain, who divides it under the crew members.

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