Fethiye - Kekova - Fethiye 7 Nights / 8 Days Fethiye

Fethiye - Kekova - Fethiye

550.00 € per person

  • Start:Fethiye
  • End:Fethiye
  • Duration:8 Day 7 Nights
  • Category:Standard
  • Marina:Fethiye
  • First Tour:01-01-2024
  • Last Tour:31-12-2024

Journey to the Fairytale Coasts of the Aegean

Blue Cruise cabin tours are waiting for you to explore the historical bays in the clear waters of the Aegean. For those who think that a holiday is not just about sea, sun and sand, Blue Cruise offers an unforgettable sea adventure. Get ready to open the doors of a dream holiday in extraordinarily beautiful bays!

Blue Cruise includes private tours on the most beautiful routes of the Aegean with comfortable and stylish cabin boats. These tours offer an amazing combination of culture, nature and fun. It is an ideal travel alternative for those who want to live and explore every moment to the fullest.

Enjoyable Journeys: Blue Cruise cabin tours invite sea enthusiasts to an unforgettable journey in the turquoise waters of the Aegean. By staying in luxury cabin boats, you can witness the beauty of a different bay every day and crown your day with romantic dinners under the stars.

In the Heart of Nature: The unique shores of the Aegean contain paradise corners where green and blue dance. Blue Cruise cabin tours offer their guests the opportunity to explore these natural beauties up close. You can enjoy swimming in bays famous for their shallow waters and explore colorful coral reefs full of fish.

Historical and Cultural Riches: Blue Cruise routes include not only natural beauties but also a rich historical heritage. You can travel into the past of the Aegean by visiting ancient ruins and exploring historical villages along the coast.

Fethiye, Kekova

  • Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea).
  • Fuel, port fees, domestic water, service.
  • Standard yacht equipment, board games, snorkel, goggles, fishing rod.
  • Our guests can bring snacks, fruit, yoghurt, hazelnuts and chocolate. (These are not sold on the boat.)
  • Clean sheets and bath towels.
  • Yacht insurance (We recommend that you get your own travel insurance.)
  • Mooring fees.
  • Transitlog and shipping agency formalities, customs duties.
  • All drinks, including water, are sold on the boat at affordable prices.
  • Please do not bring your own drinks onto the boat.
  • Please bring your own towels.
  • Entrance fee to archaeological sites and national parks.
  • Crew tip (5%) is not included in the price.
  • Optional land tours and site entrances, diving fees.
  • International entry/exit, landing fees.
  • Airport and hotel transfers.
  • Marina city transfers.

Throughout the journey, you will be pampered with delicious seafood-based meals on cabin boats. You will have the opportunity to meet local flavors by trying the delicious flavors of Aegean cuisine.

Blue Cruise cabin tours invite you to the fairytale shores of the Aegean. Book now to experience this unique experience where nature, history and taste intertwine and open the doors to an unforgettable holiday. Get ready for a journey full of peace and adventure in the embracing waters of the sea!

Transfer to the boat in Fethiye Port, at the junction of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. 17:00
Fethiye Port is a frequent destination for yacht enthusiasts with its many beautiful bays and islands around it. Arrival on board, dinner and accommodation in Fethiye.

If all the guests come to the boat, overnight stay in the nearby Bayan Bay or Samanlık.

After breakfast, we move to Butterfly Valley.
If sea conditions allow, we will visit Butterfly Valley and Ölüdeniz.
We will spend the night in St. Petersburg, where we will explore the Byzantine ruins at sunset. We will spend it on Nicholas Island.

Departure to Yeşilköy, a quiet bay surrounded by olive trees, for breakfast and swimming.
Then we will spend the night in the small port town with a charming bohemian atmosphere, just outside of Kaş.

We depart for Kekova bays before breakfast. We have a breakfast break and a swimming break in Tersane Bay. Climbing to Simena Castle to watch the magnificent view of the ancient city.
There is an enormous Lycian sarcophagus carved into a rock, with its base placed in the water, outside the village.
We will spend the night in a wide bay near Uçağaz, surrounded by green hills.

We visit the ruins of Kekova and the Sunken City on the Mediterranean coast as our yacht cruises slowly, visiting the sunken city with Byzantine and Roman ruins, some of which are in the water, from the edge of Kekova Island. Then we take a break at Burç Bay, where the cannon from the First World War is at the top of the hill.

Departure to Gökkaya to spend the night. Our guests who wish can have fun at the makeshift Sumagglers Inn bar, which can only be reached by boat.

After breakfast, take a short trip to the sheltered bay in Bayındır Port and swim.
We will visit Patara beach or the ruins of Xanthos and Letoon, or spend the rest of the day in Kalkan, a picturesque harbor city paved with cobblestones.

We will start the day in Çamlı Burun, whose hill is covered with pine trees, and spend our last night in Batık Kaya Bay.
You can spare the remaining time of this day for rest and swimming.

Return to Fethiye Port. and leaving the boat around 09:00.

  • Cruise itineraries are provided as a general guide only. Tours may be subject to change in major ports and islands due to bad weather or sea conditions or changing local legislation. Some ports can be visited on days other than those announced in the program.
  • Your captain and V-GO staff will organize all necessary customs formalities. Departure time varies between 10:00 and 12:00 depending on the duration of our customs procedures.
  • If you have special requests, a special diet or allergies, please let us know.
  • All tours will be operated by legally licensed vessels and will be in full compliance with the International Conventions for the Safety of Life at Sea.
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    An unforgettable voyage through the stunning Turkish coastline with V-Go Yachting. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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    From the moment we boarded until the moment we disembarked, V-Go Yachting's Turkey Blue Cruises exceeded our wildest expectations.

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    V-Go Yachting's Turkey Blue Cruises offer an ideal way to discover the breathtaking beauty of Fethiye, Marmaris, and Olympos. Each destination was more captivating than the last.

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    Sailing with V-Go Yachting's Turkey Blue Cruises allowed us to experience the best of Fethiye, Marmaris, and Olympos, from the vibrant culture to the breathtaking scenery.

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